WHIRLPOOL REPAIR PRO is one of a select family of Whirlpool-certified appliance repair service providers qualified to install, repair and maintain their complete product line of home appliances including the coveted Maytag brand that boasts a best-in-industry manufacturer’s 10-year parts and service warranty.


Those of you old enough to remember the clever commercials with the Maytag man in a blue uniform waiting for a service call are reminded that Maytag prides itself on remaining trouble free for the lifetime of a Maytag appliance. Ten years may not be a lifetime but it is a very long time to enjoy a home appliance without the need for repair.


Should your Maytag appliance need servicing, limited replacement is offered with continuance of the warranty if repairs have been made by a certified Whirlpool appliance company such as Whirlpool Repair Pro.



Maytag came out with a wringer washing machine that was an appliance way ahead of its time. The year was 1907 when washboards and soap were still being used to launder clothing and linens.  The original Maytag washer was the main source of revenue for Maytag.  By the 1950s the company finally updated its wringer washer to a motorized version that was the precursor to today’s washing machines. Early into the 1960s and beyond Maytag added cooking products, dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers to their product line.



WHIRLPOOL REPAIR PRO appliance technicians Whirlpool-certified in all the company’s American brands including Maytag. Our appliance technicians are held to the highest level of professional integrity so that the company continue its position as one of Southern California’s foremost provider or appliance installation, repair and maintenance for the Whirlpool brands.


Clearly, with the reputation Whirlpool has earned over the last 100 years – and that which Maytag has earned in nearly as many years – causes Whirlpool to be very discerning about who they allow to repair and maintain their products which is why we are proud to add Maytag and Whirlpool to the list of companies we are proud to service as appliance technicians.






With different dependable capacities, agitator designs, and top or front-loading options, Maytag washers elevate the look and performance of any laundry room while making quick work of any load.


Maytag offers a PowerWash® cycle features a combination of extra cleaning action and heated water to fight your everyday tough stains in a single wash. It also offers steam options and cycles that enhance the cleaning power of your washer to give you stain-fighting action you can count on with cycles like Deep Clean with Steam and Sanitize with Oxi and Steam.


Maytag offers several products with its Powerspray options that enhances cleaning by recirculating water and detergent from the bottom of the load back on top, so clothes get a highly concentrated treatment for difficult stains.




Maytag offers many sizes and capacities of top-of-the-line dryers that pair with Maytag’s renown washers.  Maytag dryers are powerful yet gentle on your clothing, linens and delicate washables.  Maytag dryers are built with extra capacity to keep up with any family’s laundry needs and designed to provide sufficient settings and options for any drying situation.


You can dry a small load very quickly with the Rapid Dry cycle, which compliments the Rapid Wash cycle on select Maytag® washers to get clothes ready in a flash. Maytag dryer’s Advanced Moisture Sensing delivers consistent even drying by monitoring air temperatures and moisture levels, stopping the cycle right when clothes are dry.


Maytag’s Wrinkle Prevent option helps keep wrinkles from forming without using heat, as the dryer continues to tumble your clothes after the cycle has ended.




Maytag claims, “Delectable cooking starts with dependable appliances, and Maytag ovens, ranges and cooktops are tested tough for maximum dependability.” To live up to its promise, Maytag offers a complete line of freestanding ranges, wall ovens, cooktops and microwaves.


Maytag kitchen configurations include freestanding ranges, wall ovens, cooktops and microwaves. Maytag claims that their appliances are filled with innovative features to make preparing meals easier than ever such as the Power Preheat and the Power™ element to sear steaks for a restaurant-style finish, or the Precision Cooking™ System to bake and broil food evenly, sealing in the flavors.   


Freestanding ranges, sometimes called stoves, combine an oven and a cooktop into one appliance. For twice the cooking convenience, Maytag offers a double oven range – a configuration that Maytag originally created.  All Maytag freestanding ranges come in either gas and electric options.


Maytag wall ovens are built into your kitchen cabinetry, typically 27 or 30 inches wide, allowing for installation at a comfortable height. Maytag wall ovens are offered as single ovens, double ovens or microwave and oven combinations.


Maytag cooktops come in sizes of 30″ and 36″ and can be installed in almost any counter for a flexible kitchen layout. Often, the Maytag cooktops are matched with a wall oven for a streamlined custom look. Maytag cooktops are offered in gas and electric with 4- or 5-burner layout options.


Maytag Microwave Hood Combinations help keep kitchen air fresh while using your range and select models easily fit two 10”x15″ pans and provide plenty of space to cook large items or multiple dishes at the same time. Convection options heat food inside and out to seal in flavors and juices




Maytag refrigerators come in four different configurations to elegantly and effortlessly keep your food cold and organized. Maytag refrigerators come in black, white or stainless steel to match your kitchen design. All Maytag appliances are backed by a 10-year limited parts warranty. Maytag offer refrigerators that exceed ENERGY STAR® standards, offer steel shelves and PowerCold® feature to make sure everything you put in your refrigerators cools quickly and stays that way.


French Door meets you at eye level, keeping food fresh where you can see it.  It has dependable ice and water options. If you didn’t know, Maytag is the brand that first pioneered the through-the-door dispenser.


Maytag side by side models come with up to 26 cubic feet of capacity to units with the Store-N-Door® ice system. Maytag has a variety of side-by-side refrigerators that offer big-time performance in a slim configuration.


Maytag’s most traditional refrigerator is the top freezer.  This traditional refrigerator configuration puts frozen food at eye level and opens on the left or right, depending on your kitchen layout and preference and may fit smaller 30-inch-wide kitchen cutouts.


The Maytag Bottom Freezer opens either on the left or right, depending on your kitchen layout and preference and freezer drawers on most models give you a convenient look at frozen food.





Maytag cleaning appliances are designed to help you manage messes in the kitchen, offering top-control and front-control dishwashers with the most powerful motor on the market in all our models, so you know our dishwashers can handle messes of any size.


Maytag helps take the chore out of trash day with under-counter trash compactors designed for easier clean up and waste management. Maytag also has all the kitchen accessories you need to keep your cleaning appliances in prime condition, from cleaning tablets for the dishwasher to replacement compactor bags.  


Maytag dishwasher are hidden at the top of the door and the end-of-cycle indicator lets you know exactly where the dishwasher is in the wash cycle. It has 4-blade stainless steel chopper that disintegrates food particles and a full stainless steel tub built tough enough to handle years of washing.


A 4-blade front control stainless steel chopper disintegrates food particles so they don’t stick to your dishes and glassware while a full stainless-steel tub accommodates very high heat. An end-of-cycle countdown tracks the time remaining in your wash cycle on a digital display console.




You’ve all seen the commercials where the Maytag repairman – rightfully a Whirlpool brand — sits and waits for the phone to ring.  With five brands to service we manage to stay busy and enforce a policy of answering all service calls within 24 hours. Likely, your Whirlpool appliances, including Maytag, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Jenn-Air and, of course, Whirlpool are relatively trouble-free most of the time. Still, it is a good idea to set-up and stick to a schedule of regular maintenance to help prolong the life of your home appliances.


When your Whirlpool appliance needs maintenance or service, know that we keep many spare parts stocked in our warehouse and on our service trucks so that work can typically be started and completed in one service call.  As the parts are factory-originating, your appliance will remain protected by your manufacturer’s warranty.


WHIRLPOOL REPAIR PRO technicians are factory-trained in complete line of Whirlpool appliances and are therefore qualified to effect repairs pursuant to your warranty, keeping it in full force and effect.  


We proudly service the following Whirlpool brands:


Jenn-Air:  Jenn-Air® appliances are known for their sophisticated styling, innovative technology and exceptional performance. All designed to help create a beautiful kitchen and take cooking and entertaining to new levels.


Kenmore:  Kenmore appliances are sold by Sears and started as a washing machine manufacturer in 1927 and by 1976, Sears expanded the Kenmore name to its line of refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers.


KitchenAid:  KitchenAid came to prominence around the 1920s with its iconic heavy-duty, do-everything mixer over the decades first added vacuum cleaners, then cooking and cleaning appliances.   


Maytag: Maytag is best known for its wringer washer that came about in 1907 which was the revenue staple for the company until the 1950s when a modernized design was launched that remained popular for decades. Thereafter, Maytag added cooking products, dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers to their product line.

Whirlpool: The Whirlpool Corporation, the world’s largest appliance manufacturer, is a Michigan-based multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances that markets Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Gladiator GarageWorks, Inglis, Estate, Brastemp, Bauknecht, Indesit, and Consul with multiple manufacturing facilities.


The technicians affiliated with WHIRLPOOL REPAIR PRO are fully factory-trained on all Whirlpool brands and our work is backed by a 100% guarantee. In addition to rigid training, our appliance technicians have passed background and drug checks and are fully insured licensed and bonded.